Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

ARES 80 – Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Tower ARES 80 – Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is the most useful for activities involving frequent erection/dismantling and transport the material to different job sites. Minimum 2 Persons are required to assemble & dismantle the Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is very useful for small places, narrow path or door. The width of single width aluminum tower is 0.80 mtr due to which it can be passed through the door easily without dismetaling the whole tower. The single width tower is widely use by the Electr0-mechanical maintenance, civil contractors etc in various working sites like schools, hospitals, malls etc. Features:-
  1. Light Weight, Firm & Easy to assemble & dismantle.
  2. Easy to operate & safe for working up & down.
  3. Provide maximum adjustability for height & mobility for different job requirements.
  4. Equipped with Castor Wheel with locking system to provide mobility & stability.
Technical Specifications :-
    Length : 1.80 Mtr
    Width : 0.80 Mtr
    Height : 2.00 Mtr to 10.00 Mtr
    Frames Heights : 2.00 Mtr, 1.00Mtr & 1.5 Mtr
    Castor Wheels : 200mm with Jack & 150mm with Jack or without Jack
    Wooden Platforms = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform
    Maximum load per platform 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg including tower
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