Aluminum Scaffolding Double Width Tower

ARES 1450 – Aluminum Scaffolding Double Width Tower ARES 1450 – Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is the most useful for activities involving frequent erection/dismantling and transport the material to different job sites. Minimum 2 Persons are required to assemble & dismantle the Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. Aluminum Scaffolding Double Width tower are most common size used by all the customers. The Double width allow the 2-3 people work on the working platform. The double width tower allow the user to work to higher heights than the single width tower. The features are given below :- Features:-
  1. Light Weight, Firm & Easy to assemble & dismantle.
  2. Easy to operate & safe for working up & down.
  3. Provide maximum adjustability for height & mobility for different job requirements.
  4. Equipped with Castor Wheel with locking system to provide mobility & stability.
Technical Specifications :-
    Length : 1.45 Mtr
   Width : 2.50 Mtr
   Height : 2.00 Mtr to 15.00 Mtr
   Frames Heights : 2.00 Mtr, 1.00Mtr & 1.5 Mtr
   Castor Wheels : 200mm with Jack & 150mm with Jack or without Jack
   Wooden Platforms = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform
   Maximum load per platform 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg including tower
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