Aluminum Scaffolding Foldable Tower

ARES 80-F – Aluminum Scaffolding Foldable  Tower ARES Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Foldable Tower Ascend offer a single width folding tower which is particularly suited to work indoors. It has a base measurement of 0.80Mtrs x 1.80Mtrs. The Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Single width tower has unique feature that allow the user the to fold up the the aluminum tower from one side easily. The Foldable Aluminum Tower is very useful in Narrow places where the working space is very less. Due to its small size its very easy to fold it & can move through the doors at the working places. The Unique feature are given below :-
  1. ARES 80-F Aluminum Scaffolding Folding tower can be driven through standard door opening without being dismantled
  2. The wheels with the anti-slip surface are particularly suited for interior work
  3. The platform height is adjustable and this makes working at different heights easily
  4. The hinge system makes it easy to fold and unfold
Technical Specifications :-
    Length : 0.80 Mtr
    Width : 1.80 Mtr
    Height : 2.00 Mtr to 3.00 Mtr
    Frames Heights : 2.00 Mtr, 1.00Mtr & 1.5 Mtr
    Foldable Case : Aluminum Foldable Case
    Castor Wheels : 200mm with Jack & 150mm with Jack or without Jack
    Wooden Platforms = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform
    Maximum load per platform 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg including tower
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