• Aluminum Scaffolding

    Aluminum Mobile Access Scaffolding Towers & Ladders are ideal for maintenance, cleaning & installation work or where short term access is required with safety.

    ARES Aluminum Mobile Access Scaffolding is the light-weight scaffolding access solutions which are used throughout the various industries for both indoor & outdoor work where a stable & secure platform is required.


  • Steel Scaffolding

    Steel scaffolding are temporary structure, either supported from below or hanged from above, on which workers stand while doing jobs at heights above the ground level.

    ARES Scaffolding deals in all types of Steel Scaffolding materials as well as Steel Scaffolding Accessories throughout the GULF Area.


  • Scaffolding Rental Service

    ARES Scaffolding Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Access Towers, Aluminum low level folding units Podiums & Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders, Aluminum Scaffolding Stairway Towers, Modular Triangular Bridge are available for short and long term hire at very competitive prices.


  • Safety Items Supply

    ARES Scaffolding safety items list comprised of Safety Jackets, Safety Shoes, Metal Detectors, Gas Detectors, Rain Coat, Welding Helmets, Parking Blocks, Life Line Ropes and many more. These items are fabricated as per the current requirements of industries.


ARES Scaffolding is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier & Innovator of  Aluminum scaffolding , Steel Scaffolding, Scaffolding accessories, Safety items and Building materials.

Our Products

Aluminum Scaffolding Manufacturer - GULF
Steel Scaffolding Manufacturer - GULF
Safety Items Supplier - GULF
Building Material Supplier - GULF

Our Services

Aluminum Scaffolding Rental Services - GULF Area
Steel Scaffolding Rental Services - Gulf Area
Formwork and Shuttering System - GULF
About Us
ARES Scaffolding & Companies are  leading  Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers & Innovator of new Aluminum scaffolding mobile access towers, Aluminum Scaffolding Access equipment, Steel Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories. We are providing solutions for domestic and industrial for  high working heights, low level folding units and podiums for low working heights & Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders with safety  to meet the requirements of both domestic and industrial users. Our dedicated hardworking team have years of experience for manufacturing & supply of Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding, Aluminum Mobile Access Scaffolding Towers,  Aluminum Ladders & Steel Scaffolding with accumulated knowledge of technical & experienced team providing their services for Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Towers, Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders & Steel Scaffolding to various industries in :
  • Electromechanical Companies
  • Steel Works
  • Insulation Companies
  • Events and Stages
  • Oil and Gas onshore
  • Power Generation and Utilities
  • Onshore and Offshore Maintenance
  • Oilfield Contractors
  • Interior Decorators
  • Lighting Suppliers
  • Construction Contracting
  • Offshore Installation
  • Water Treatment/Desalination Plants
  • Petrochemical Works
ARES & Partners are the pioneer of Steel Scaffolding, Aluminum Scaffolding and Formworks Manufacturers & Suppliers. ARES with a vision has undergone a dynamic transformation from many years. We have grown to years become a recognized Customer driven company worldwide. ARES continues to distinguish itself with Industry leadership in forging expertise, Products, Customer satisfaction & commitment to the industry through its huge investment in manufacturing plants in many countries. Quality improvement & continues development in our Professional & Experienced team is out biggest Asset. We always provide our customers special services:
  • Safe and cost effective access solutions.
  • Designing services for the projects.
  • Wide and comprehensive range of access equipment and related services.
  • On time delivery, customer compliant and customer friendly systems.
  • High standard and excellence in execution.
  • Complete range for Aluminum Scaffolding & Steel Scaffolding Material.
ARES Scaffolding has very simple philosophy “Customer’s satisfaction is the most important part of our business”. A truly independent company, we are totally dedicated to supply Quality products, Prompt Deliveries with most competitive prices our customers. We have whole range of Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Access Towers, Aluminum Scaffolding Access equipment & Steel Scaffolding with all accessories.
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